Chiara Montanari


Politecnico di Milano - Capo spedizione in Antartide

Chiara is a travel addicted and passionate life-explorer. In 2003 she had the opportunity to join a scientific mission to Antarctica and she fell in love with this extreme, complex and beautiful environment.

Professionally speaking she’s an Engineer, expert in Innovation Management, Knowledge Integration, Leadership e Team Building in Extreme Environment.

So far, she joined 5 missions to Antarctica. Amongst these she had been: Expedition Leader at the international research station Concordia on the Antarctic Plateau (2008-10); Head of Logistics for the mission of the French Polar Institute (2014); Expedition Leader in the Belgian mission to Antarctica (2016).

Besides Polar Expeditions she had been working in Broadcast Industry, ICT, Energy Efficiency and Education sectors and she has conducting research in Complexity Theory at the International Research Center on Epistemology and Anthropology of Complexity (Bergamo).

She thinks that the extreme ecosystem of Antarctica is a metaphor of the current business world (with continuous changes, high complexity and tremendous uncertainty). Thus, she is now focusing in transferring her expertise to organisations for the development of Resilience and Strategic Thinking.

In 2014, she was awarded by the city of Milan with “Ambrogino d’oro” (civic medal) for her engagement in boosting Technological Transfer, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

In 2015 she published a book on her expedition to Concordia, the French – Italian station on the top of the Ice Cup, at 1200 km from the coast, 4000m altitude and extreme temperatures (-50°C in summer and -80°C in winter).

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