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IBT 2014


More stories than books


Smartphones, tablets and broadband allow all of us to expect STORIES everywhere and everytime in many different forms: text, video, audio, music, games.


READERS want to be brought inside these stories and WE want authors, publishers, producers to listen to them. There is a complex social media system working as a publishing platform for all these stories, scattered from the web.

The universe of unbounded stories is the new space for innovation.

A new industry of contents is rising, based on community engagement.






2.00 pm » Registration


2.30 pm » Marco Ferrario Introduction


3.00 pm » Richard Nash Scatter, Adapt and Remember; Post-Publisher Publishing


2.20 pm » Frank Rose Immersion, Engagement and how to tell the Difference


3.40 - 3.55 pm » Break


3.55 pm » Serena Danna How many Ways to tell a Story?


4.10 pm » Gianluigi Ricuperati Not a Vandalization, but the Birth of an Alternative Nation


4.30 pm » Dorothy Sanders Places are Made of a Thousand Stories


4.50 pm » Benjamin Wiederkehr Telling Data-Driven Stories


5.10 pm » Michel Reilhac Real is a Storytelling Platform too


5.30 pm » Shradha Sharma The simple power of true stories


5.50 - 6.10 pm » Break


6.10 pm » Gino Roncaglia Storytelling by Examples: From Homer to Homer Simpson


6.30 pm » Davide Monteleone My Russia, Picture Storytelling Personal and Public


6.50 pm » Short walk to Gallerie d’Italia


7.10 pm » Luca Scarlini Museum Storytelling at Gallerie d’Italia. Seven for a secret: never to be told


8.00 pm » Dinner buffet at Gallerie d’Italia







Davide Monteleone

My Russia, picture storytelling personal and public

Gino Roncaglia

Storytelling by examples: from Homer to Homer Simpson

Shradha Sharm and Alessio Pieroni

Michel Reilhac

Real is a platform too

Benjamin Wiederkehr

Telling Data-Driven stories

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