About us


IfBookThen, organized by Bookrepublic, is an international conference about the present and future of Storytelling that is held in Milan (Italy) every year.


IfBookThen is an invitation-only event, English spoken, one-day where the participants can listen and talk to the most interesting and visionary people that think and work with the future of technology, media and communication.

A brief history of IBT


In the first edition in February 2011 we were focused on the future of Publishing and we discussed about changes in the reading experience, how to preserve digital culture, what’s happening in the American and European market, with the support of researches and case studies, and how digital publishing is changing our way to think and imagine books.


The year after, in February 2012, a deep focus was kept on the relationship Author-Publisher-Reader and on the way publishers and device manufacturers can assure the best Reading Experience. We talked about what publishing can learn from Digital Music. The hot issue of Piracy was amply debated and 40K presented its experience as Native Digital Publisher.


The same year, Bookrepublic decided to offer a Summer Edition of IfBookThen. The conference was dedicated to Academic, Scientific and Professional Publishing. The goal was to understand how technology is influencing the access, cataloguing, filing and distribution of academic digital contents.


The third edition in 2013 revolved around three key words: Technology, Data and Content. The great hopes and opportunities for publishers lie in their ability to integrate these three variables, where it will no longer be sufficient to concentrate on content.

Engineers, publishers and agents from different parts of the world presented almost 20 case histories to the conference that illustrate some of the most progressive ideas currently in circulation.


In the last edition, 2014, we moved more on the stories and storytelling and we discussed about books and stories: our focus is now on their meaning and our claim is “more stories than books”.




Marco Ferrario – CEO and co-founder Bookrepublic

Annalisa Angelini – director IBT/iCODEX

Silvia Introzzi – Press office

Viola M. Marconi - Social media manager

Matteo Scurati - CTO

Marta Mittino – Graphic designer

IfBookThen is an international conference organized by Bookrepublic The Content Agency