What’s IBT?


In 2010 e-books were still a niche concept. In few years their popularity increased exponentially, contributing to transferring reading and writing in digital format; and becoming a new channel to access stories. This happened fast, but much is still yet to come.


IfBookThen is one of the most authoritative international events which has followed and reported this process. It’s the contact point between the Italian digital community and international experts on innovation, media and communication. IfBookThen is a network of people bringing forward the debate on cultural innovation.


In a day, IfBookThen combines the best of vision, inspiration, and provocation while surveying state of the art innovation and new business models. Our aim is to make the audience raise their heads, encourage sharing useful information, meet interesting people, and have fun.


IBT 2016: iCODEX where the art of coding meets the cultural innovation


iCODEX is a hackathon whose theme is cultural innovation: in 24 hours, participants have the opportunity to jointly develop ideas that improve the way people think, create, deliver and consume cultural products.


The goal of iCODEX has been to create effective teams, with cultural innovation projects and creation - development skills that then successfully participated in the project iC-innovazioneCulturale 2016 by Cariplo Foundation.


IBT 2015: experience, technology and stories


After looking to the future of publishing in its multiple aspects and to ‘stories outside books’, IBT2015 reflections are about experiences.


Contents are increasingly connected to experiences, which are, at once, object and vehicle of their representation. IBT15 explores the relation between experience, technology and contents by considering some case histories and lessons from experts.


We will ask every speaker to answer three questions: which experience? Which technology? Which content and which creativity?

IfBookThen is an international conference organized by Bookrepublic The Content Agency