30 Dec

Time for Predictions: 2012 in Publishing

Each year ends with predictions about almost everything, and publishing is not an exception. We picked some of the most interesting analysis read in these days.

No predictions this year; just questions, says Mike Shatzkin: after years spent on predictions it’s time for questions, he says. He has questions for big and small publishers; bookstores (Amazon, B&N, independent ones); agents and authors; the industry itself; last but not least illustrated book publishers. It isn’t a short list and «any honest futurist (and I try to be one) has to admit that questions outnumber answers». And some topics seem to be a trend despite the addressee of the question.

draws three lines: the importance that brick-and-mortar bookstores still have in the industry, imagining an eventual deal between Amazon and B&N; the shift of the discussion about prices on quality; the possibility that one of the big-six publishers will test an e-book subscription program within one of its imprints or one of its categories. Read the full article on PaidContent; see also Highlights of 2011: The Year In Book Publishing, By The Numbers.

FutureBook published a series of short articles, “2012 Digital Perspectives”, to focus on challenges and changes in publishing. Knowing consumers – remembers Martyn Daniels – is one of the best ways to succeed in digital publishing. «Amazon understand consumer demand and behaviour better than most and it is this that aligns them with consumers. We should remember that it was consumers made Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and it was consumers that walked away from MySpace, Napser, Sony.» Read more: FutureBook 2012 publishing predictions part 1 and part 2.

Jeremy Greenfield lists Ten Bold Predictions for Book Publishing in 2012. Self publishing, literary agents and authors; Amazon, Apple and the Sony’s second life – with Pottermore; an eye to standards with EPUB3: these are the topics you can find in the Digital Book World predictions.


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