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What’s IfBookThen?
In 2010 e-books were still a niche concept. In few years their popularity increased exponentially, contributing to transferring reading and writing in digital format; and becoming a new channel to access stories. This happened fast, but much is still yet to come.
IfBookThen is one of the most authoritative international events which has followed and reported this process. It’s the contact point between the Italian digital community and international experts on publishing innovation, media and communication. IfBookThen is a network of people bringing forward the debate on cultural innovation.
In a day, IfBookThen combines the best of vision, inspiration, and provocation while surveying state of the art innovation and new business models. Our aim is to make the audience raise their heads, encourage sharing useful information, meet interesting people, and have fun.

Friday, March 27th,  2015
Sala convegni. Intesa Sanpaolo. Piazza Belgioioso 1. Milano
9.00AM – 4.00PM

In the last years we have discussed how books are no longer the only channel to deliver some forms of stories like novels, as the digital context added new features to reading and writing.
We have experienced ‘enhanced books’, ‘social books'; we have lived the democratisation of writing where self-publishing became virtually unlimited. Numerous applications popularised social reading allowing sharing comments, opinions, libraries, quotations, and notes. Traditional publishing industry and media “exploded”, exposing contents – the core of storytelling – to new publishing models.
IBT has been a journey through this evolution and in these years has tried to grasp and represent some of the most significant trends worldwide.
After looking to the future of publishing in its multiple aspects and to ‘stories outside books’, this year reflections are about experiences.
Contents are increasingly connected to experiences, which are, at once, object and vehicle of their representation. IBT15 explores the relation between experience, technology and contents by considering some case histories and lessons from experts.
We will ask every speaker to answer three questions: which experience? Which technology? Which content and which creativity?

Which experience? What aspect of our life should it be tied to? What is the role of stories in these experiences?
Which technology? How are we re-thinking our relation with object in terms of usage experience, ownership, and purchasing? Where is the boundary between the pure emotion of the content and the more functional one of other experiences?
Which content and which creativity? Where are the boundaries between communication, art, and literature?
And how should we change our learning and educating attitude?

This is what we discussed at IBT15.

The speakers at IBT2015:

Nico Abbruzzese Global Director of Creative Technology at MAXUS, Singapore

Porter Anderson, BA, MA, MFA, journalist, speaker and consultant

Peter Brantley Director Digital Library Applications NYPL, New York

Seb Chan Director of Digital and Emerging Media, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, New York

Andrea Onetti  General Manager of Volume MEMS & Analog Division Analog, MEMS & Sensors Group STMicroelectronics, Geneva

David Passig Associate Professor at Bar-Ilan University (BIU), Ramat-Gan, Israel, writer, futurist

Rosalind Picard Founder, Director of the Affective Computing Research Group at MIT, Boston

Alessio Rossi Vice President, Digital Marketing, eCommerce and CRM at Lancôme

Rob Newlan Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Facebook Creative Shop


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